PoleStar Chat
PoleStar Chat

<p>An assistant that enhances human intelligence. Our four main features: <br>① 🤖 Support more than 100 AI Bot You can quickly use AI commands in the same way as other IM software, using @, which is as convenient as @ing people in a group chat. We currently support more than 100 AI Bot, covering topics such as education, writing, entertainment, etc. For example, you can use a tarot card master to give you a test of today's fortune, so you don't have to learn and set up a tedious AI Prompt. <br>② 🌅 Support Text-to-Image Model In addition, we not only support text model, but also support the text-generated diagram model, and in order to reduce your learning cost, the default preset some image styles, without having to enter too long commands to generate a nice effect. <br>③ 💬 Message support quoting Although AI supports contextual chat, we found that sometimes it's very difficult to make AI understand "this" or "the above" commands accurately. That's why in PoleStar Chat, we provide the function of quoting. It allows you to give commands to the AI accurately. In addition, you can also use the reference function to link the bots together. <br>④ 🔖 Supports multiple result displays Currently, AI technology is still at an early stage, and the content produced by AI is still not very stable, so it is often necessary for AI to re-output. However, most of the products on the market adopt the way of overwriting or resending to solve the retry. Overwriting will lose the historical data, and the resending will disrupt the context. In order to solve this problem, PoleStar Chat supports displaying multiple solutions in the same bubble for easy comparison.</p>